Floral Photography – 5 Tips

5 Tips to get the Floral Images you want!!!

#1 Change the Perspective.

One common mistake, when out shooting is to simply put the camera to your eye and shoot away.  We all generally see the world at eye level, so what you will end up with are images that are quite often just boring images.  In order to make images that are a little more creative and dynamic, you will need to change your perspective a little.  This means that you will need to get up high or down low and shoot at different angles.  The key is to try different things, or ‘work the scene’ as it is so often called.  Don’t just settle for the status quo, but become more deliberate and shoot for an end result that will be more creative.

#2 Isolate.

This one is pretty basic, but should not be overlooked.  We’ve all seen images of flowers, birds, people, etc. that have a cluttered or ugly background.  The main subject gets lost in the mess and the photo just doesn’t work.  Flowers are beautiful and our images of them should accentuate that beauty as much as possible.  Compose the image in a way that keeps the flower the predominant focus by avoiding things that will be distracting.  Keep in mind that distractions come in many forms, such as having too much of the image in focus, uncomplimentary patterns or colours, or areas of the image that are too bright (‘hot spots’).  All of these things will cause the viewer’s eyes to wander and possibly lose interest in the star of the photo.  So, much as with the first tip above, and as a general rule, be deliberate and thoughtful when making these images.  The end result should be pleasing and maybe even inspire others to get out and enjoy making images of the natural world.    

#3 Location doesn’t matter.

You may think that you need to travel to some exotic location to take beautiful flower photos, but that’s just not the case.  If you don’t live in or can’t travel to a tropical location, up a mountain, or some other location, not to worry.  There are plenty of other places to shoot.  One of the nice things about flower photography is you don’t even have to leave home.  The flower garden in the back yard might be a good place to start, or possibly the city park down the street.  Flowers can be found everywhere, so if that’s the type of photography you want to do, you can get lots of practice and there’s no excuse for not shooting.  The images below were shot in front of a white wall.

#4 Get up close (macro).

Flowers are such beautiful things and some are so intricately detailed that you will want to shoot as close as possible.  The best choice for this would be to use a dedicated macro lens on your camera.  A macro lens will allow you to get really close and still be able to focus on the flower.

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