Katie’s 40th Birthday – Photobook

With the evolution of technology and social media, we are getting further away from the tangible enjoyment of having our images printed.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing quite a few 40th Birthday Parties now.  I don’t think anything can create the enjoyment you get from having your friends help you celebrate your birthday.  But to have a photographer at your party and to have this immortalised in a Photobook, something to pick up and flick through, to reminisce, this is priceless!!!

If you ever give serious thought when organising an event/party/gathering, consider the merits of a photographer.  Consider what you want to do with the images there after.  Family photos done professionally (or even a serious hobbyist), at a party, are the perfect way to get people together without orchestrating a meeting and piling on pressure of ‘YOUR GETTING YOUR PHOTO TAKEN’!!!  It feels far more natural and you get genuine expressions from loved ones.

Happy Birthday Katie.  Hope you enjoy your Photobook!!!

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